Athletic Bilbao Logo – The Athletic Bilbao is a sports association football in the province of Vizcaya (Basque Country, Spain), whose registered office is located in the town of Bilbao. It was founded in 1898 and is next to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona one of only three clubs that have played all editions of the Primera Division in Spain since its inception in 1928. In turn, is one of only four professional clubs in Spain is not a sports corporation, so that ownership of the club lies with its partners.

One of the features most representative and original Basque club is its tradition of playing with only players born or formed footballing in the Basque Country and the so-called Basque provinces, a tradition that has remained almost since its inception. Is also known historically for being a club quarry and work in the training of young players, which is the main source of supply for the first team players.

Almost all of their achievements has been achieved in national competitions, where it remains a historical club in the Spanish football. Much has achieved prestige in the Copa del Rey, who has won in twenty times (twenty-four as the club). Today is the second Spanish team with more championships in the Cup, with two titles unless the FC Barcelona and five more than the third, the Real Madrid.

It has been proclaimed champion of the Spanish league eight times, the fourth club in Spain with more banners in the competition after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Currently ranked fourth in the historical classification of the First Division, having been third until the 2009/10 season, at which was passed by the Valencia CF. It also holds the record for highest score in league history, having defeated FC Barcelona by 12-1 in the season 1929/30.