Aston Martin Logo – Aston Martin is a manufacturer English luxury cars and high performance, belonging to a consortium led by David Richards of Prodrive since March of 2007. The sale of these cars British luxury (until 2007 the division Premier Automotive Group of Ford Motor Company), was partially assessed in 705 million euros, leaving the company with only an estimated investment of 40 million pounds.

aston martin logo

aston martin logo

Aston Martin was founded in 1914 by the pilot Lionel Martin, winner in 1913 of the famous mountain race Aston-Clinton. He had an outstanding participation in numerous competitions of tourism. Historically, its most important rival firms Italian Ferrari and Maserati, and recently, the brand German Porsche. Providing a distinct English style became world-famous Aston Martin to provide cars for films James Bond, 007. In Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace (2008) the actor Daniel Craig uses a silver DBS.

In 2005 the brand became a successful sports competitions achieving a third place in the GT category of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the DBR9 model. Aston Martin last won this legendary test in 1959. For most of its history, Aston Martin cars manufactured by craftsmen and small series, between 1957 and 2000 the total production of the brand failed to twelve thousand. These volumes have increased in recent years. In 2003, Aston Martin produced 1,476 cars and in 2004 took a significant jump to 2,400 units sold closer to the goal set by the Premier Automotive Group, when was the owner-five thousand cars annually by 2006. The factory opened in 2004 in Gaydon, England, has that capacity. Sales for the last fiscal year allowed the British brand announced its first year with earnings from 1962 ending with the incredible record of over 40 years with balances in red. In 2007 Aston Martin cars manufactured 7.250, an increase of 6.7% over 2006.

Aston Martin produces three model ranges: DB9, with 6-liter V12 engine, Vantage, V8 4.7-liter and 420 hp, and since 2007 the DBS V12, a limited edition model based design of DB9. Like the Vanquish (produced from 2001 to 2007) and the DB9, the Vantage has a front engine and rear wheel drive, the Vantage was introduced as a new entry level to the English brand. Is planned for 2009 Aston Martin begins to make the Aston Martin Rapide, a Gran Turismo 4 positions.

Currently, Aston Martin has now released a new model which reaches 325 km / h (200 mph), this model has been named One-77, costing one million euros. Revive the brand Aston Martin Lagonda, and plans to sell the first model of that mark in 2012. The future of Aston Martin is threatened by problems of debt financing.