Download Asiana Airlines Logo – Asiana Airlines (formerly Seoul Airlines ) is an airline based in Seoul , South Korea and is one of the two largest airlines of South Korea along with Korean Air . Asiana is a member of Star Alliance and operates flights to 12 domestic destinations and 82 international destinations in 21 countries worldwide. The base and main airport for international flights Asiana are located in the Incheon International Airport (near Seoul) and the main airport for domestic flights at Gimpo International Airport . Asiana is one of the six airlines rated 5 stars compiled by Skytrax.

Asiana was established on February 17 of 1988 and began operations in December 1988 with flights to Busan . It is owned by Kumho Asiana Group (formerly Kumho Group) as part of government policy in South Korea to create a second national carrier and was originally known as Seoul Air International. The South Korean government has given its approval for foreign companies to increase their share from 20% to 50%. The airline is owned by private investors (30.53%), Kumho Industrial (29.51%), Kumho Petrochemical (15.05%), foreign investors (11.9%), Korea Development Bank (7.18%), other (5.83%) and has 7,799 employees (March 2007).

In February 2006, Asiana Airlines modernized its corporate identity to harmonize with the other divisions of Kumho Asiana Group. The class names have changed flight First Class, Business Class and Economy Class to First, Business, and Travel respectively, and colors flying lessons have changed to yellow, blue and red for First, Business and Travel , respectively. There are also new uniforms for the crew in design. On April 18th of 2007 , Skytrax awarded Asiana placing in the prestigious five-star airline, which shares with Cathay Pacific , Malaysia Airlines , Qatar Airways , Singapore Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines . 3 On February 17, 2009, Air Transport World Asiana named “Airline of the Year”.