Aprilia Logo
Aprilia is a manufacturer Italian of motorcycles based in Noale, near Venice. It is part of the Italian group Piaggio SpA. The firm Aprilia born at the end of World War II’s desire Cavaliere Alberto Beggio to build bicycles. The brand is very successful, as the production went from 150 to 12.000 vehicles per year in 10 years. Paradoxically, success in Italy is very relative.

aprilia logo

In 1968, the son of Alberto, Ivano, joined his father at the head of the company. Lying the construction of bike exceeded, it creates a prototype of 50 cm. A public reception is warm. The first models to go into production on a large scale are named Hummingbird, Daniela and Packi. They are followed shortly after by a road, the Scarabeo, presented in 1970 in two capacities, 50 and 125 cm. The Scarabeo remain in production for almost ten years.

In 1995, Aprilia is partnering with French designer Philippe Starck to produce the 6.5 Moto, unique style of exercise in the production of the time based on the single-cylinder Rotax 650 cm with 5 valves, the same as that used on Pegaso 650. In 1998, Aprilia enters the sector with the big bikes Aprilia RSV Mille and SL Falco, Rotax twin-engine V-60° to 990 cm. Whose motor is always produced by Rotax?

This is the first production motorcycle to have a slipper system preventing the rear wheel from locking up during rapid downshifts. She is also the first production motorcycle to have a panel with two liquid crystal displays (the rev counter remaining analogue him), and a shifter (programmable LED indicating the right time to upshift).

Aprilia Logo Symbol

The Aprilia logo symbol is very simple, it consists of only the brand’s name that is ‘Aprilia’ with all the letters in the small formation and which is what makes the logo look elegant. It uses a red background and the font color is white but it is not just limited to that it also comes in red and black font color. The brands. This color combination represents energy passion and power.

The company was formed a post-war year and the red color is a tribute to that. The company has used the perfect balance between the two-colour which makes it eye-catching and graceful.

Aprilia Logo Fonts

The company hasn’t used any complex combination of the font just the brand’s name in the logo, the logo has all the letters in small formation which make it look classic, beautiful and eye-catching. The brand uses fonts with different color depending upon the perfect color combination. They are available in red, white and black.

Aprilia Logo Background

The Background of the logo is generally red in color, but it is not a hard and fast rule. The background may depend upon the color of the vehicle it is embossed on.