AND1 Logo

AND1 is a business and a brand of basketball shoes and equipment in basketball. Founded in 1993, was headquartered in Paoli in Pennsylvania before moving to Aliso Viejo in California. In 1993, AND1 is an academic project of Seth Berger, Jay Coen Gilbert, and Tom Austin, the University of Pennsylvania.

And1 The name comes from a phrase used when an English player puts a basket over an opposing player makes a mistake. The first in a long line to sign the player at And1 NBA Stephon Marbury in 1996.
Late 1998, Ron Naclerio, coach of the team of Benjamin Cardozo High School of Queens in New York, presents a video of streetball AND1 to. The cassette contains sequences of bad qualities that we see Rafer Alston. Alston is then at the California State University at Fresno and returned to the draft of 1998. The video soon became the “Skip tape”, by Skip to my Lou, Rafer Alston’s nickname. The player then signs with AND1.

Success will come in 1999 with the arrival in the lap of an AND1 basketball star NBA four times All-Star Latrell Sprewell. Abandoned by his sponsor, Latrell Sprewell is partnering with the founders of the brand. That year, Sprewell, who takes his team of New York Knicks in the NBA Finals, will popularize the brand and ensure its success.

AND1 then produced its first advertising including NBA players: Darrell Armstrong, Rex Chapman, Larry Hughes, Raef LaFrentz, Toby Bailey, and Miles Simon. The “Skip tape” is copied 50 000 times and became the first “Mixtape” of AND1 freely distributed in eight weeks, which will make a celebrity Rafer Alston.

When And1 and Foot Locker become partners, AND1 moves towards a national program. During summer 1999, the company creates the AND1 Mix Tape, free, 200000 videos are distributed in three weeks.

AND1 Logo Symbol
and1 logo

And1 logo was first incorporated in the year 1993 and the symbols comprised of a basketball player dribbling the basketball with his left hand and with just a boxer on and he is wearing basketball shoes. The player in the symbol is placed in between the Words ‘AND’ and ‘1’. The company has tried to keep the logo simple yet classy, the symbols display the power full grip of the shoes.

AND1 Logo Fonts

and1 logo

The company uses very simple fonts, the logo comprised of the name of the brand ‘AND1’ written in capital letters, and the color of the font used is black.

AND1 Logo Emblem

and1 logo

The official Emblem of the company consists of a basketball player, dribbling the ball with his left hand and advancing in the forward direction. The player is wearing his boxers with a bare chest with his basketball shoes on.