American Airlines Logo – American Airlines, Inc. better known as American or AA is an airline based in the United States . It is the largest airline in the world in kilometers, the fifth in number of aircraft operated and the largest in terms of total revenues from operations . In 2010 carried 105,163,576 passengers, the third largest worldwide after Delta Air Lines and United Airlines . The airline is based in Fort Worth , Texas , a city adjacent to Dallas and headquarters from Dallas-Fort Worth , one of the largest worldwide. It operates scheduled flights throughout the United States as well as flights to Canada, Latin America, Europe, Caribbean, Japan, China and India. President and CEO of the company is Tom Horton . Founding member of the global alliance Oneworld .

American Airlines Logo

American Airlines Logo

In 2010 was ranked number 120 on the list Fortune 500 . It is a subsidiary of AMR Corporation .American Airways was formed as a conglomeration of 82 small airlines through reorganizations and acquisitions. Initially, American Airways was a common trademark used by a series of independent airlines. These included Southern Air Transport in Texas, Southern Air Fast Express (SAFE) in the western U.S., Universal Aviation the Midwest (which operated a transcontinental air route and train in 1929), Thompson Aeronautical Services (which operated a route Detroit-Cleveland in 1929) and Colonial Air Transport in the Northeast.

On 25 January 1930 merged into a single company based in New York, with routes from New York, Boston and Chicago to Dallas, and from the latter to Los Angeles. In 1934, the company was bought by Errett Lobban Cord, who changed his name to “American Air Lines” and hired Cyrus Rowlett (CR) Smith for administration, a position he held until 1968 and poteriormente in 1973 by a few months.

Smith worked with the Douglas Aircraft Company to develop the Douglas DC-3 , introduced American aircraft to its fleet in 1936. American Airlines worked closely with Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to build the first airport in the city of New York , and as a result of this was the first airline in the world to own an exclusive lounge for their passengers ( Lounge , in English) at LaGuardia Airport on Long Island . This room was renamed the Admirals Club (Admirals Club, in Spanish). Membership is obtained by invitation only, until a discrimination lawsuit changed the rules on income paid, establishing the model for other airline lounges worldwide.

After the Second World War, American Airlines American Export Airlines acquired (AOA), changing its name to American Overseas Airlines for its services to Europe, AOA was sold to Pan Am in 1950. AA created another subsidiary, American Airlines de Mexico SA, to fly to Mexico , building a number of airports in the country. Until 1961, when Capital merged with United, American Airlines was the largest airline of the United States and second worldwide, after Aeroflot . On January 25, 1959, American introduced its first nonstop transcontinental service from the West Coast to the Atlantic Coast operating Boeing 707.

American invested $ 440 million in its fleet until 1962, launching the first electronic ticketing (Sabre) developed jointly with IBM , and built a new terminal at Idlewild (later called Airport JFKennedy New York), transforming it into the larger base of operations for the airline. In September 1970, American began its first intercontinental flights from the U.S. West coast, bound for Honolulu, Sydney and Auckland via American Samoa.

In 1979, American moved its headquarters from New York to Dallas-Fort Worth, establishing its main hub at the airport and a second hub at Chicago O’Hare for transatlantic flights. In 1990, American buys TWA for $ 445 million in assets operating at London Heathrow Airport, setting its main hub in Europe. Also that year, American buys the rights of routes from Miami to Latin America from the creek Eastern Airlines . Miami becomes one of the major hubs of American Airlines, who during the 1990′s has become the principal air carrier between the United States and the region.

In 1999, American Airlines, with British Airways , Cathay Pacific , Canadian Airlines and Qantas are the global alliance Oneworld . Since May 2008, American serves 260 cities (excluding airlines that have code-sharing) with a fleet of 621 aircraft. It carries more passengers between United States and Latin America (12.1 million in 2004) than any other airline, and is also very strong market intercontinental and intracontinental. American Airlines has five hubs: Dallas / Ft.Worth (DFW), Chicago (ORD), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX) and New York City – International Airport John F. Kennedy (JFK). Dallas / Ft.Worth is the largest hub airline . AA operates more than 84% of operations at the airport and travel to more destinations than any of its other hubs. LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Boston (BOS) and San Juan (SJU) serve as focus cities and international gateways . The airline makes its maintenance in Tulsa (TUL), Kansas City (MCI), and Fort Worth (AFW). American Eagle is an airline owned by AMR Corporation, which operates regional flights.