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Adidas Logo – Adidas is a company multinational sporting goods headquartered in Herzogenaurach , Germany .The company originally called “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler , at the beginning of the decade of 1920 with the help of his brother Rudolf Dassler . They made shoes and slippers unmarked, and spiked shoes for athletes. Adi was the artist Rudi introverted and public relations officer. Both managed to place their products on the German team athletics. But the masterstroke was signing Jesse Owens, the athlete who glared at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. 

During the war the factory was transformed, like many others, the supplier of the Wehrmacht. Apart from military boots, produced the famous Panzerschreck, the German bazooka. Rudi was mobilized, while Adi stayed in Germany. And there the trouble began. During the U.S. occupation business to thrive again, thanks to their devotion to the sport. But Rudi was called to explain his connections with the Nazi Party and the Waffen SS, and became convinced that his brother had betrayed him.

Rudi Dassler founded his own factory, PUMA AG in 1948 . As a result, Adi Dassler took control of the company and decided to rename the company as “adidas”, which was legally registered on August 18 of 1949 , under the name of Adidas AG. The company name comes from the name of its founder, ” Adi “is short for Adolf, and” give “the first syllable of the name.”

From that moment, Adolf Dassler was a priority to take the lead signature through a close relationship with the sports world in their various disciplines in order to develop better products, at the same time was a pioneer in using the maximum sports stars to advertise their products. Together with his son Horst, managed to create an empire that reached its peak until the late 80’s. In 1987 , Horst Dassler , who took over the company after the death of his father, died at the age of 51. With this event, the company went through its most critical period, mainly marked by intense competition, especially from the U.S. firm Nike and the administration of Bernard Tapie, marked by financial scandals.

The company was purchased in 1990 by Bernard Tapie , for 1600 million francs (currently 243.918 million € ), which Tapie borrowed. Tapie was then a famous specialist of rescuing bankrupt companies, a business with which he formed his personal fortune. However, in 1992 , Tapie went bankrupt, the bank Crédit Lyonnais was in charge of the sale of the company, which was finally sold to Robert Louis-Dreyfus , a friend of Bernard Tapie and cousin of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (from the popular American series Seinfeld ). Louis-Dreyfus was until then president of the football team Olympique de Marseille , equipment for which Tapie had a close relationship.

In the decade of 1990, the Adidas jersey caused admiration for the German soccer team (the one used for the USA 94 World ), as this was primarily a diamond detail in bright colors, then this same design was used for Club America of Mexico in 1994 and then in 1996 for the River Plate team in the 1996 Apertura champions in Argentina that resulted, one of the best works of Adidas in terms of football . As CEO of the company, Robert Louis-Dreyfus manages to restructure the company.

In 1997 , Adidas AG acquired the French manufacturer of equipment for skiing Salomon Group, changing its corporate name to Adidas-Salomon AG . In 2001 , Herbert Hainer takes over as CEO of the company. In September of 2004 , Adidas recruited British designer Stella McCartney , a partnership in which the brand is about the haute couture line “Adidas by Stella McCartney.” That same year he launched the first microprocessor sneaker, the Adidas 1 , the result of over 20 years of development.

On May 3rd of 2005 , Adidas announced publicly the sale of the company Salomon Group for 485 million € to the company Amer Sports of Finland . In August of 2005 , Adidas declared its intention to buy his English rival Reebok for 3.8 billion U.S. $ . After carrying out the operation, the purchase of Reebok helps to strengthen the position of the company in the United States and closer to Nike . On April 11th of 2006 , Adidas announced an agreement for eleven years to become a supplier of official costumes NBA . Also signed a contract with various famous players among the top NBA Derrick Rose , Kevin Garnett , Tim Duncan , Tracy McGrady and Emanuel Ginobili .