3M Logo – 3M ( NYSE : MMM ) is a multinational U.S. dedicated to research, develop, manufacture and marketing of diversified technologies, offering innovative products and services to customers in different areas. Its products have leading positions in the various markets it serves: office supplies, graphic, electronic industry, utilities and communications, health, medicine, industry, personal safety, road safety and transport. It has presence in over 60 countries and over 67,000 employees, but their products are sold in over 200 countries. Its products are known worldwide through recognized brands such as Scotch ®, Post-it ®, Scotchgard ®, Nexcare ® and Thinsulate ®.

3M was founded in 1902 in the town of Two Harbors in Minnesota , USA, and his name takes the first letters of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. His beginnings were as a small mining company, but to little success resulted in abrasive industry. 3M invented in 1920 the first sandpaper waterproof and shortly after that allowed tape masking or protecting certain areas to paint. 3M abrasives and adhesives are popular to this day.

In 1930 , 3M invented the Scotch ® tape allowing paste to quickly and easily. This product was further developed and found many applications in surgical, pharmaceutical, and even aircraft. The word Scotch comes from the English meaning Scotland (originally from Scotland ), tells the story that sent the game tape to protect paint areas with less adhesive, which was rejected by the customer, who said “tell a your bosses are not scotch “(Scottish), since this town had a reputation of being very generous, making him the name stuck.
In 1944 , a lab assistant spilled an experimental chemical in their sports. He tried to wash them but could not. The weeks passed and he noticed that part of his shoes where he fell chemistry while the rest remained clean soiled shoe. The researchers of 3M, who had tried to find some practical use for this chemical, they realized it was a fabric protector ideal, and thus was born the Scotchgard.

In the 1950′s has established itself as an international company in 1970 and 80 are open to diverse markets such as pharmaceuticals, computer or office, telecommunications and electronics. Create the magnetic tape sound recording and then the videotape , the thermal fax, popular sponges Scotch-Brite ® and countless other products. The Post-it was born when a researcher (Art Fry) came to use an adhesive disposed by low adherence to place it in the papers that used to mark pages in his book of psalms, tired of the papers will be falling. . 3M currently has more than 55,000 products.